Materials & Equipment

If you have accepted your place you should receive a welcome pack, which includes summer project briefs and a list of USEFUL stuff you need to collect over the summer and bring with you to University.

We will  upload a list of specialist art materials & equipment that you will need later ….

Get collecting!

  • Newspaper, scrap paper & card (all colours & sizes) baking paper, foil etc. 
  • Collage materials – old books (novels, picture books, jotters) and magazines that you don’t mind cutting up, drawing on etc.
  • Jars, yoghurt pots etc. & containers for water, paint & ink 
  • Old plates to use as pallets. (1 for home 1 for studio). 
  • Rags (for wiping paint brushes etc.) 
  • Mark-making implements (toothpicks, combs, twigs, sponges, old paint brushes household and others) 
  • Resist materials such as candles, white wax crayons etc.
  • Scrap fabrics, thread etc. larger sheets of fabric sheets etc. that you could use to paint on or as backdrops for photos etc.
  • Blutack, scissors, glue (general art and craft supplies more details to follow).